All Inclusive

The best way to discover this exceptional place, built upon a multitude of contrasts, is unique; here you bear witness to nature’s theatre, as you sit and watch the sunset across the lake, peaceful against Volcano Osorno’s majesty and fury.

Here you discover the ways of life belonging to the area’s indigenous people and the European settlers who came to join them.

Here you are surrounded by the contrasts of the hotel’s stunning modern architecture with its local artisan décor.

All of it is extraordinary and combines harmoniously to provide adventure, sanctuary, exclusive luxury, and ultimately the opportunity to truly rest, wherein lies the real magic.

All Inclusive
  • Private excursions, that are chosen during the stay, in direct consultation with the respective guide designated to each group or reservation
  • Private Transfer to and from Puerto Montt Airport or Petrohué.
  • All the meals and drinks, excluding only premiums.




Starting at 700 USD